4/100 Days of Productivity

I'll be honest....

....today was lacking in the productivity department.  I did the bare minimum in every area and #iaintsorry. I'm counting down the days (we're down to 11) until I hop on a flight back home to Orlando.  And since we're being honest, I'm more excited about going to Walt Disney World than anything else Orlando-related -- including seeing some friends. #judgeifyoumust  This is the longest I've gone without using my WDW annual pass and I'm having withdrawals.  Singing Disney tunes in the shower simply isn't enough to sustain me.  I need the smells from the Main Street Bakery, I need to trip over the trolley tracks, I need the blazing sun to beat on my chocolaty skin as I wait in my prime spot for the 3:00 parade.  Hearing about new attractions and new entertainment when I'm hundreds of miles away is not the business.  :(

So, because the only productive things I did were 1. Attend a class 2. Attend a rehearsal 3. Complete a quiz at 11:59am that was due at noon, I'm hijacking this productivity post and turning it into a mishmash of a #flashback friday post.

My Pre-Tennessee trip to Hollywood Studios was a rainy one, but that works for me! The tourist are afraid of the water + Disney veterans like myself can walk down Hollywood Boulevard without being run over by strollers or scooters.  P.S. I'm still salty about the view of the Chinese theater #firstworldproblems #bringbackthesorcerershat 

Believe it or not, there are still things that I've never checked off of my Disney To-Do  List.   Aside from a new opening of a ride or two that I've recently missed (and one "terror" of an attraction that I absolutely refuse to get on), I've ridden every ride at WDW.  Nowadays I tend to focus on character sightings.  Having one on one interactions with my friends makes for awesome memories! Can you believe this was my first time meeting Buzz and Woody? For shame!!  One of these days I've got to book a holiday party or another Disney run so I can get my hands on some of the more rare characters.  On Facebook today I saw 
that people running Mickey's Holiday 5K got to meet Lumiere!! I screamed. 

*DJ Khaled voice* Another one! I finally rode Toy Story Midway Mania and it was EVERYTHING! I don't think I've ever laughed or had that much fun on a ride.  Everything about it was extraordinary.  Even the queue is amazing! Disney truly put loads of love into that one.  But what made this ride even better was that I rode it with one of my best pals! The other half of my Disney heart, S. She and her mama joined me on my farewell visit and we had a great evening.  From beating her at TSMM (I'm very competitive so you KNOW I rubbed it in her cutesy pie of a face) to closing the night with the Star Wars fireworks, which were a first for her.  It was a night of pure fun and raw emotion. 

Rather than bombard you with more photos than will only make me sad and you jealous, tell me -- is there anything you're looking forward to during the rest of autumn or in the upcoming holiday season?  What big or little plans do you have?  

xoxo, Bee

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