3/100 Days of Productivity


**I screenshot this ^ quote from Myleik Teele's (she is everything!!) snapchat maybe a week ago? and it gets me**


Thursdays are pretty consistently crap-ish.  This is the time when all of the assignments that I thought I'd have time for all week join hands and create a big wall of academic terror that separates me from the glory that is the weekend.  Tonight I refuse to stay up until like I did last night.  4 AM?? No one should be awake at 4 AM.  It's too late to be going too bed and too early for anyone to be waking up.  Tonight, even though I'm still behind on assignments, I'm going to put myself to bed with some This Is Us (Thank God for streaming and the Directv app).  It's currently 11:59 and I'm packing up my backpack and tidying up my desk because I want to laugh and feel good before bed.  And that's ok. I'm all for working hard, but my life and my sanity will not be consumed by my education.  Syllabi are not concerned with me as a whole, so that's where I have to step in and call the shots.  A late assignment has yet to kill someone.

And with that I bid you adieu.
<3 Someone who will not wake up guilty in the morning - aka- Bee

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