Seven Somethings

HELLLOOOOOOO *in the voice of Mrs. Doubtfire*

I know it's been ages since I've checked in. Forgive me? Good, thanks. Let's see. Where do I even begin?

We're a week into 2016 and as cheesy as it sounds, I feel...different! I'm feeling more driven, more confident, more connected to other people and to my God.

This is the first of 51 or...let's just say many "Seven Somethings" that I hope to post weekly.  The idea behind it is to accumulate at least one thought, event, photo, etc. from each day in a numerical?, not calendar, week (ex: Jan. 1-7, not Sun-Sat.) then bring it all together on the 8th day for your viewing pleasure.  Kinda like weekly roundup. Good, no? I thought so.

Sometimes I'm sure I'll have rants to throw in, other days maybe just a few sentences. Regardless, I think it'll be fun for all involved. :-)

And so, without further ado, I present to you....

Seven Somethings: Pilot :-P

Jan 1: The first of the year was the 7th and last day of Kwanzaa. The principle of the day was Imani or Faith. This was my first time celebrating Kwanzaa and although I can't say I truly celebrated it properly, seeing as how I lack a kinara and unity cup, I did enjoy reflecting on each of the seven principles.  Shout out to Caleisha for including me in her festivities! Later that evening I hit up Downtown Disney Disney Springs *eye roll because I hate the new name* with Fred and it was a great, chill evening.  We saw a series of live, freestyle, rap battles by a duo named FREE DAPS and I was impressed! They took random folks out of the audience, conducted mini interviews and incorporated their hometown, hobbies, occupations, etc. into raps about the guests! Twas awesome.  I wish I had mad skills. 

Jan 2: I spent the Sabbath morning in my bed with my bible. It was rather refreshing.  I owe part of it to a 31 day Proverbs "challenge" that Fred & I are doing. We've simply commited ourselves to reading a chapter of Proverbs every day for the month of January.  Reading the bible, for me at least, is a lot like working out. It takes me a while to get started and I tend to put it off and maybe even skip it altogether, but once I get started it's so easy to gain momentum! I'm using the Bible app by YouVersion to read with ease and highlight to my heart's content.  I also love switching which version I'm reading and being able to share the texts to social media. AAAANNNNNDDD I crocheted today! I love, love, love the color gradient? in this yarn.  I started this project on a whim and without a pattern to follow but the end result will hopefully be a bag! I was thinking something like a crossbody, slouchy, sack-like thing.  I thought it would be the perfect companion for any Disney Days I have, as opposed to a standard backpack.

Jan 3: Sunday for me means back to work and I admit it was a tough one for me.  I was having a bit of a down day.  Lucky for me, I went home to be greeted by my nephew and you simply can't help but smile around this kid.  He definitely helped to de-funkify me. Also, I missed out on a birthday celebration because of work but my sister, who was fully aware of my funk, made sure to bring home a delicious cupcake for moi. It's always nice to know that people notice your absence and to know that people miss you and you matter, you know?

Jan 4: Monday for most people meant diving headfirst into their new resolutions and whatnot, but I conducted most of my activities at a glacial pace.  In my eyes, this week is the last week of freedom before I go back to school and I really just want to relish it.  I'm registered for 13 credit hours this semester which I'm sure it average for some, but definitely a lot for me.  Certainly a challenge, but definitely doable. I'll be taking Statistics, American Sign Language I, Deaf Culture, and Renaissance & Baroque Humanities.  Pray for me, y'all.  My aunt and cousin came into town to spend the night and it was nice to have the company.  My cousin is maybe 20 now? and it's so cool to be able to talk to her like an adult who understand the world. Funny how we grow up and our relationships change.  I downloade and subscribed to Hulu that night so we could indulge in some Galavant.  I flippin love that show.  Weekly doses of musical theatre and comedy? Yes, please! It's like a live action Disney movie/musical.  What am I going to do with myself when Alan Menken is no longer with us? 

Jan 5: Yay for chillaxin with the fam! Today was another 4-hour evening shift at work, so until then I hung out with my cousin while I crocheted and watched Scrubs.  If you've never watched that show, you need to. Like right now. Stop reading this and go. Why are you still reading this? Disobedient... Anyway, I love that I'm getting so much better at crochet! I remember when I first started and I would get frustrated to the point of tears. Don't get me wrong, I still mess up and get a little discouraged sometimes, but I've met the part of crochet that makes me feel calm.  I like to keep my hands busy and reading/understanding patterns is a good exercise for my noggin.  In the same way I'm learning from my loc journey, I'm learning from my crochet journey as well.

Jan 6: Hmmm... To be completely honest I don't remember much about Wednesday except the part where I went to Taco Bell on my lunch break and they messed up my XXL Stuffed Burrito (my standard order). 

Jan 7: Mom & I went to the gym today before my shift.  I love that she encourages me to be active.  She's got way more stamina and motivation than I do, so when she lets me tag along with her it's always a good idea for me to go.  Well today, she got me my own membership, because she's a sweetie pie.  Now I can't use her absence as an excuse not to go because I won't need her presence to get in.  I'm excited though! I'm hoping to get comfortable enough to try new machines and workouts.  Look out 'cause I'm a'comin'!!

And just like that, we're done.  Time to wrap this up and do something productive with the rest of my day so I've got something to tell you about next week! 
Happy New Year to you and yours. I'm wishing you loads of motivation, inspiration, and dedication....and maybe some education? Hit me up down below in the comments and let me know what big (or little) plans you have for this year or just tell me something awesome about your week!

Love ya & I'll talk to you soon, 


  1. I laughed actually out loud ^.^ I really enjoy your writing voice. And i happy danced in my head about your crocheting awesomeness. Keep this seven somethings up, I like it a lot!

    1. Huzzah! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! And I have you to thank for the crochet awesomeness as well as soooooo many other things!


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