A "Close Enough" amount of Somethings....because life happened.

Phew! Remember me? Good, because regardless of what you thought, I haven't forgotten about you.  It just turns out that adulting is kind of stressful and exhausting. Imagine that!  In a sad attempt to somewhat get you up to speed.....

  • If you know me IRL, you probably know that I collect mugs from Starbucks' You Are Here collection. These mugs are only sold in the location featured on the mugs, for example, Orlando or Houston.  The Starbucks locations within the Disney Parks sell park-specific mugs and in January I got 1 mug closer to completing my Walt Disney World set! My boss, who is just as Disney obsessed as I am, visited Animal Kingdom with her family and picked up a mug for me! I couldn't be more grateful. It's probably my favorite of the 3 Disney mugs.  Now I've just got to make a trip to Hollywood Studios and I'll be set! Squeeee!!!

  • When it comes to social media I'm much more of a silent observer than a creator or commentator.  I've got certain accounts that I like to check out on the regular, but I don't post very much content of my own.  Nearly every morning I check my Snapchat feed for Myleik's story.  Myleik Teele is the founder and CEO of curlBOX and this woman is a powerhouse.  Her snaps are a perfect blend of random life happenings and sheer wisdom.  I love to see a strong black woman killing it!
  • Until the 15th of February, I'm "only" taking 2 classes and they couldn't be more different if they tried. I've got my statistics class in the morning and it's a struggle.  Most students don't seem to like the class because the professor can be a bit intimidating.  But that's not even my issue.  It's my partner.  The sighs, moans, groans, and complaints are simply too much for my nerves at 8:30am.  It's times like these that I have to remind myself that I'm not a college freshman, I'm mature for my age, and I've been around the block.  I should be merciful because maybe when I was her age there was an older student that wanted to smack me but didn't.  I highly doubt that though. 

  • Confession: I haven't been to the gym. Not even once since I got my membership. #alltheshameismine
  • I made a friend! Well.....kinda. My ASL (American Sign Language) course has been going swell.  On the first day we had the task of introducing ourselves to our neighbor.  She soon became my go-to partner in class and I'm realizing that I haven't had an in-class buddy in ages.  We've never even studied or hung out together outside of class, but it's still very nice to know that I'd be missed if I didn't show up, you know? Friends negate invisibility.
  • My mother is the queen of sudden convictions.  There's absolutely nothing in the works yet, but a few days ago we were discussing the possibility of me transferring to an Adventist university and she seems pretty serious about it.  That wasn't really something I'd ever considered for myself.  It's not that I'm opposed to the idea in any way (although it does make me think of Lane Kim of the beloved series Gilmore Girls), I just never really thought about it.  But I definitely am now. I feel like I'm ready to get out of here. I'm ready for an adventure.  What do you think? Can you see me in the hills of Tennessee?
  • "He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away." - Raymond Hull

  • Work. Has. Been. Cray.  We're in the constantly understaffed struggle until we can get some new hires in the door and boy has it taken a toll on me.  The past couple of weeks of trying to juggle work and school have taught me that no matter how super and extraordinary I try to convince myself that I am, I am still a lowly human being -- and that's ok! It's unfair for me to beat myself up because I can't work a 40 hr work week whilst perfecting school assignments and maintaining friendships.  I am one person and all I can ever do is my best.  And asking for help is NOT a sign of weakness.
  • Caleisha and I had our inaugural "Coffee & Crochet" at Axum Coffee and it was splendid. Do you ever just feel cool and have that thought like "this is what life is supposed to be like"? That's how I felt.  If I recall correctly I'd been feeling rather bummed that morning and my buddy summoned me out of the house and out of my funk.  We sipped on foamy beverages, crocheted, and chatted for hours.  It was so relaxing and just fun! I truly wish I had more free time (and more money) so we could do things like that all the time.  

  • "Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by another human being.  Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light."  - Albert Schweitzer
  • At church one evening I participated in an activity focused on connecting with others in our church.  We each wrote our own name on a sheet of paper, then they were shuffled and redistributed amongst the group.  We then had to write something complimentary about the person, regardless of how well or how little you know the person.  I was quite familiar with my complimentee, but I was surprised when I received my original paper.  It read: "Stay focused this year and don't forget God.  Keep that positive energy." The person who wrote the note is a young man maybe a 5 years younger than me and I really can't remember over holding a conversation with him, but somehow he managed to write exactly what I needed to read that day.  

  • I'd picked up some "fairy lights" from Walgreens shortly after Christmas and finally got around to putting some up in my room.  I decided to go for purple bulbs this time and I and entirely pleased.  I've draped them over my vanity mirror and they make the perfect nightlight for the Disney Princess that I am. 

  • "Learn to...be what you are, and learn to resign with a good grace all that you are not." -  Henri Frederic Amiel
  • This coming Friday, unless we have to reschedule AGAIN, I've got plans to go to Disney World with one of my pals & I'm really excited.  There's nothing I love more than going to the parks in a pair.  Plus, I haven't been since November? so it's definitely time. I've been using the excitement and expectation as motivation on tough days over the past few weeks so I can't wait for the day to arrive! Cross your fingers and pray for sunny skies!

Ok....I know that's only 14.  It's only half of the gap. But I'd say that's pretty darn good, no? I'm tired. Forgive me. I'll do better. Pinky promise. 

Until next time.
Love, Bee.

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  1. I really like the addition of the quotes ^.^ They're like nice little punctuation so after your stories. 👍🏾


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