And so it begins...

I've always been a perfectionist, but not just any perfectionist. I'm the underachieving kind. All my life I've struggled with the mindset that if I can't do something perfectly then I shouldn't bother trying it at all.  That's resulted in shameful grades, lost relationship opportunities, and a constant feeling of dread and defeat. Maybe you can relate, or maybe you think that's just absurd.  Anyhow, now that I've grown into a woman, I can look back at my like thus far and remember many, many instances where this screwed up view on life has truly held me back from so many experiences that, even if they hadn't turned out perfectly, would've given me extraordinary memories if I'd only given them a shot.  Not to be morbid but now that I'm nearly a quarter of a century old *faints* I've started to hear the clock ticking and I'm much more conscious of the fact that each day that I wake up only brings me closer to THE END.  It's time for me to get serious about this carpe diem business and a little less serious about life in general.  I was hesitant to start this blog because recipes and I go hand in hand, but there's no recipe, rubric or manual for the perfect blog.  I like to know exactly how success is defined and I need all of the instructions on how to get there.  For example, although I'm not a fan of the kitchen in general, I'd much rather bake than cook.  What the heck is medium heat? I need something more along the lines of "450 degrees for 15 minutes." I'm going to consider Sugar Sweet Bee a mid-year resolution.  This is me trying something new, putting myself out there, and being fearless and shameless.  Day by day I'm learning that it's ok to make mistakes and to make a fool of myself.  As my header says, I'm growing and destroying.  I'm growing by being my authentic self for a change and getting to know who I truly am at my core without the influence of those around me.  I'm trying new things -- things I'm afraid of failing -- because failure is not a death sentence.  It's ok if I'm not perfect. It might actually be better that I'm not!  I'm destroying the villainous voices in my head that say I can't or that I shouldn't.  I'm destroying the bad habits that I've carried with me all these years that are only weighing me down and keeping me from being the little lady I want to be.

Now let's get one thing up front and on the table: I have no idea what I'm doing. I've never been one to consistently follow a blog, I don't know the first thing about html, and my life is fairly uneventful.  But I'm trying anyway.  It's going to be a journey, a learning process, a true challenge...but I'm excited! This might just be awesome. And so it begins...

Thanks for stopping by,
<3 Bee


  1. I'm so excite! I'm really interested to watch you on this blogging/building/destroying journey 😀

    1. I'm interested in watching myself too! lol Thanks for your support & encouragement as always. XOXO


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