Guess who got a makeover!!

If you're reading this, already know who. It's me! Bee! The blog, as you can see, has been spruced up quite bit resuscitated and rejuvenated and I owe it all to one extremely patient and merciful lady, Rhondine over at Napps & Sass. Do yourself and your life a favor and go check out her blog. I mean it. Right now. It's absolutely gorgeous, so it only makes sense that she saw me in my blogging struggle and decided to play Fairy Blogmother for the night.

Sidebar: I feel so fortunate having sweet, helpful people accessible to me. As someone who tends to be the help giver, sometimes it's hard to let go and let others step in to do the things you can't. And although that can sometimes feel like failure, that should be seen as a success! Letting someone else take the wheel simply means that you're intelligent enough to recognize where you fall short and where you can improve. In this scenario I knew that I was clueless in the blogging/web guru department. A true friend, who's not at all clueless, offered to help. The sucky part of me wanted to say "No thanks. I got it." but that would've been a big fat lie that I only told so I could have the satisfaction of someday in the far off future being able to say Started from the bottom now I'm here...all by my own smarts, but how would that help me? This is a lesson that I'm frequently re-learning: Don't let your pride get in the way of your own success. Saying no to help just so I can experience the contentment of doing it all by myself, like a child, is NOT how you get ahead in life. And yes this is just a blog, but the same principle applies to many situations in life. If your goal is success, aim for success and don't add silly stipulations along the way. My second issue with accepting help is my fear that I'll be a burden. The more I think about this, the more ridiculous it sounds. If someone offers you their services, isn't that the same as them granting permission for you to make use of said services? Apparently that's not how my brain works. In many situations I find myself anxious and discomforted because I'm afraid that I've overstayed my figurative welcome and the transaction has changed from one of goodwill to one of obligation and entrapment. Rarely, if ever, is this actually the case and I would live life so much more carefree if I could learn to accept that people who say they want to help me truly do just want to do a nice thing. And they don't need a reason! There are still people in this world who want to be sweet just because they can with no expectation of anything in return. Those are the best people. Sidebar over.

Aaaaand we're back... For a millennial, I'm pretty darn clueless when it comes to HTML, coding, CSS, and the like. That's something I'll have to invest some brainpower in when I've got some excess time and I'm not already at my wit's end. It's amazing what a few keystrokes were able to do for the look and feel of the blog. I feel like I've got a brand new, shiny car to ride around town and I owe it all to a great friend of mine. I like it so much that I might actually be consistent with my posts for a change! Maybe yes, maybe no. Regardless, I think we're onto something good here!
xoxo, Bee

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